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Dhonekhali sarees are woven in a place called Dhonekhali in Hooghly district of West Bengal from where the weave acquired its name. Lightweight with a paper-thin texture, these humble sarees are crafted from fine cotton yarn of 100 counts in both warp and weft. Dhonekhali sarees typically have 1.5 to 2 inches borders which at times are broadened even to 6 inches or more and are emphasized by a serrated edged motif. Borders are adorned with stripes, flowers and other geometrical shapes using silk, zari or dyed cotton yarn. Distinguishing feature of this saree is the presence of ‘khejur chori’, a dual-coloured arrangement of weft yarns, woven in a twisted manner across the pallu. ‘Sar’ reed made from Sar plant (a plant of Bamboo variety), used for weaving these sarees, controls the texture of the fabric. Usage of Sar reed creates grouping of two warp threads in the saree. Dhonekhali saree prides itself on bearing Geographical Indication (GI) tag.



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