About us

About us

Sari or Saree, the most versatile, must-have attire in an Indian women’s wardrobe, has been admired, embraced and celebrated since ages. It’s a legacy that has been passed on by mothers to their daughters and daughter-in-laws with lot of love and affection. This unstitched strip of cloth has been the choice for every occasion, formal or informal.

With changing times and fashion, this six-yard wonder has been moved to that part of the closet which is reached out only during special occasions, like weddings and festivals. With this change in preference, the market has also shifted its focus towards wedding and party wear sarees. Though many women have high admiration for sarees and want to incorporate them as a more relevant option without going over-the-top or being too dramatic; they struggle to find the varieties that match their aesthetic sensibilities.

We, at Tantutvaa, believe that this beautiful drape has the potential to be a part of your everyday style statement. We are inspired to entice you with options that are modern, affordable and versatile to make sarees your go to attire for casual outings, work wear and social gatherings.

To make this happen, we could not think of a better medium than handloom. Indian handloom is so vivid, versatile and innovative, that it can cater to every taste, style and occasion. It can be an answer to a minimalist’s subtlety as well as a fashionistas’ statement. Our handloom heritage is as vast as the country itself. At Tantutvaa, we bring to you a part of this vast handloom offering in the form of handloom sarees from eastern India. Besides bringing handpicked, quality weaves to our customers, we also aspire to contribute towards supporting the revival of handloom heritage of India.

Tantutvaa strive to bring a variety of options by frequently adding to its carefully curated collection. With easy checkout and delivery and equally easy returns, you are bound to repeat this shopping experience.

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