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Secure Online Transaction

How to Keep your Online Transactions Safe and Secure

In continuation with our effort, we are once again here to share some tips on basic security measures that we should follow while carrying out any type of online transactions. These tips are relevant whether you are paying your utility bills, doing any banking transactions or shopping online. So let’s get going…
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Secure Online Shopping

How to Make Your Online Shopping Secure

Do you dread shopping online to avoid such an experience? Is that the reason you restrict your online shopping to only a handful of e-commerce websites even when you come across fantastic products elsewhere? Fear no more! It’s not that hard to avoid scammers and detect fake websites. When you are equipped with the right knowledge...
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Saree Saga of Eastern India

Saree Saga of Eastern India

Saree is one of the most popular women’s garment in the Indian sub-continent. The word ‘sati’ or ‘Sattika’, meaning ‘strip of cloth’ has been used to describe women’s attire in ancient India in Sanskrit and Buddhist literature respectively. There has been evidence of existence of saree-like drapery from the Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished duri...
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Handloom Sarees for Corporate Look

Styling Saree for the Perfect Corporate Look

Saree for office!! Yes, why not??? With more and more participation of Indian women in the work force, office fashion has gone through a radical change especially when it comes to women. Initially, when Indian women entered the corporate sector, women’s dressing was more about being modest. Feeling comfortable or looking stylish wasn’t much of a priority....
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Care for Handloom Sarees

How to Wash and Care for Your Handloom Sarees

We all love sarees, don’t we? No matter how often we wear saree, we all love to take them out of our closets, spread them for some fresh air and reverse their folds once in a while. And why not? After all sarees are tradition that gets passed on from one generation to another. Just the way sarees are passed on, tips to maintain them also get passed on by ...
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