Jamdani weave doesn’t need any introduction. It is recognized worldwide for its rich motifs and fine texture. Jamdani weaving is considered as the master stroke of the Bengal weavers. Jamdani weave is a supplementary weft technique of weaving, wherein the delicate motifs are created by a non-structural weft, in addition to the standard weft that holds the warp threads together to form the base fabric. Traditionally woven in handloom, the standard weft creates a fine, sheer fabric while the supplementary weft with thicker threads adds intricate patterns to it. The weaver uses a hand tool to lift individual warp threads to introduce the supplementary threads. Jamdani sarees are mostly woven in very fine cotton besides linen and silk base. The motifs are traditionally inspired by nature and are translated to geometric outlines or shapes. Jamdani sarees are woven mainly in the district of Nadia and Bardhman of West Bengal. These sarees has a soft feel and are extremely comfortable in summers.



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